UNCANG TEA: Yellow Serai
UNCANG TEA: Yellow Serai
UNCANG TEA: Yellow Serai

UNCANG TEA: Yellow Serai

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Uncang Tea Company:

Uncang Tea Company is based in Penang, Malaysia. All teas are hand blended and hand packed. The best cup of local flavor tea is crafted for you to bring home conveniently and each flavor of tea carries the health benefits and fragrance from natural flowers, herbs and spices.  100% Natural & Healthy.  

Yellow Serai Story:

Lemongrass or Serai tea is traditionally taken to detox the body. In South East Asia, Lemongrass can be found in food, drinks and aromatherapy massage oils in spas. It has a natural lemon and citrus fragrance that can chase away mosquitoes. It helps to boost the immune system and offers to relief pain.

Cleansing Blend:

Cleanses the body, aids digestive system and prevents uric acid.


10 sachet of Yellow Serai tisane in an environment-friendly zip lock pack.

Yellow Serai lemongrass tisane is a refreshing blend with citrus taste notes. While its pairing the pandan leafs carries the sweet fragrant note.

Our lemongrass and pandan leafs are grown in Penang Island Balik Pulau farm. This blend works great to cleanse they body.

Ingredients: Lemongrass and pandan.

Hot Brewing: Use 1 sachet of Yellow Serai is for 250-350ml water. Use water temperature is less than boiling point around 90 degrees Celsius. Time: 4-5 Min.

Cold Brewing: N/A

Caffeine:   None

Taste notes: Citrus, Sweet

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