About Us

Inspired by the sim­ple things in life. A cura­tion of every­day design and craft, show­cas­ing a vari­ety of well-made con­tem­po­rary objects that have clar­ity and integrity at their core. we endeavour to create modern products that respect the past.

Our philosophy combines a design-minded approach with a deep commitment to crafting items by hand. We choose carefully, from the materials we use and the suppliers we select, to the people we hire and the partners we join.

This thoughtful approach extends to everything we do and make: We carefully consider an item’s intended use, and we focus on how that can best be served without adding more to it than necessary.

This, to us, is the essence of good design and craft. 

Welcome to Mano Plus, here we celebrate local and international design, creativity and community. Happy Shopping!


Mano Plus Team