UNCANG TEA: Orange Pala
UNCANG TEA: Orange Pala
UNCANG TEA: Orange Pala
UNCANG TEA: Orange Pala
UNCANG TEA: Orange Pala

UNCANG TEA: Orange Pala

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Uncang Tea Company:

Uncang Tea Company is based in Penang, Malaysia. All teas are hand blended and hand packed. The best cup of local flavor tea is crafted for you to bring home conveniently and each flavor of tea carries the health benefits and fragrance from natural flowers, herbs and spices.  100% Natural & Healthy.  

Orange Pala Story:

Nutmeg is known as Buah Pala in Malay and it's an iconic fruit in Penang. Buah Pala is being cultivated in Balik Pulau, Penang. It appears in drinks, pickles, massage oils and essential oils. Nutmeg tea is made from nutmeg seed kernels. Nutmeg seeds are protected by a layer of hard shell that requires a nutcracker to open.

Uplifting Blend:

Improves digestion, reduces bad breath & relieves muscles pain. 


Contains 10 sachet of Orange Pala nutmeg tea in an environment-friendly zip lock pack.

Orange Pala is a nutmeg spice tea blend with a hint of minty and fruity taste notes.

Our famous Penang nutmeg are from the Balik Pulau. The black tea is planted on the highlands of Peninsula Malaysia.

Ingredients: Black tea & nutmeg seeds.

Hot Brewing: Use 1 sachet of Orange Pala is for 250-350ml water. Use water temperature is less than boiling point around 90 degrees Celsius. Time: 3-4 Min.  Add in sugar or milk to taste.

Cold Brew: N/A

Caffeine:   Yes

Taste notes:  Fruity, Spice, Minty

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