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Say What

SayWhat? Learn Cantonese Card Game

SayWhat? Learn Cantonese Card Game

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Seen the SayWhat? cards at play and loved the concept of the game? How about snagging a deck for yourself for some firsthand Canto fun?

High quality deck of 52 Cantonese dialect playing cards. Includes 24 Verb Cards (Blue Cards) and 24 Noun Cards (Red Cards), with 4 other cards on Gameplay, About, Discounts and Voice Clips respectively.

Beautifully illustrated and guaranteed endless entertainment for friends and family.

Fun fact: English speaking folks and most folks have problems with pronouncing Jyut Ping and gave up. “Cantonese is far harder than Chinese. The pronunciation is madness.” Thus we tweaked it and tested it with our testers and voila, it was now easy peasy lemon squeezy .

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