Heritage Houses Of Penang

Heritage Houses Of Penang

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‘Contemporary Penang is no longer a pristine island but a modern metropolis…urban aesthetic and architecture which have been taken for granted for decades are now re-appreciated.
With growing international interest and the efforts of a local heritage movement, identity and traditions are being renewed.
In the 21st century, a new generation has come to appreciate what Penang has to offer. Substance has always been there and, with a little polish, Penang’s heritage homes are beginning to glisten in what Peter Carey calls that almost perfect island .’

Author: Khoo Salma Nasution

Homes of Penang poses a stunning legacy of cultural and historical insights through the architectural styles of Penang s dwellings.

These styles, which envelops the form, the structure, and the overall culture and attitude of living, takes you on a vivid journey through space and time. In this book, Khoo Salma Nasution will take you through the growth of the Penang home from its traditional roots in Anglo-Malay housing styles to the eclectic mixed abode of today.

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