Mano Plus EB Duet Disc Album
Music CD : Eb Duet  I've got a song for you

Music CD : Eb Duet I've got a song for you

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<I've got a song for you> is a very "EB duet album" which all songs are only performed by the duo : Eve Wong on vocal, and Billy Ho on guitar. All songs written and arranged by the duo.

The album presents eleven new originals includes duet version of "Come With Me" : theme song of ASEAN 50th anniversary, collaborated with AirAsia in August, 2017


Track Listing:

1. Be Yourself

2. The Past

3. Come With Me

4. Paradise

5. Voyage (Instrumental)

6. Just Like A Dream

7. Heart And Soul

8. I Remember

9. You Will Always Have Me

10. I've Got A Song For You

11. The Past ( Instrumental)

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