Magazine B - Issue 28 Google
Magazine B - Issue 28 Google
Magazine B - Issue 28 Google
Magazine B - Issue 28 Google
Magazine B - Issue 28 Google
Magazine B - Issue 28 Google
Magazine B - Issue 28 Google
Magazine B - Issue 28 Google
Magazine B - Issue 28 Google
Magazine B - Issue 28 Google
Magazine B - Issue 28 Google

Magazine B - Issue 28 Google

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Google began from the search engine of the same name created in 1997 by the company’s two founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. At a time of intensifying competition amongst the major search engines, Google transformed the industry with propriety technology that made its search engine more useful than any that had come before it. Guided by the motto “Don’t be Evil,” Google has since launched Android, Chrome, YouTube, and many other products around the world. Now, Google continues to build new paradigms in the market as a leader in IT industry business management.




Via Google Earth, B takes a bird’s eye view of Google’s past and the present, from its origins as a startup in a Silicon Valley garage to its current position as an Internet titan and the Valley’s most representative company.


B takes a look at the services currently offered by Google, from the company’s operating system and web mail, to its entertainment and social network services. Google’s strength can be felt in the way that using one Google service organically leads to using another.


Everyone uses Google’s services in their own way. These differences in use result in each user gaining a different impression of the company.


B asks frequent Google users about other products they use to supplement gaps in Google’s offerings.


B uses Google’s own services to find more information about the company.

Locations / Services / Network / Culture


Google, the most powerful player on the Internet, has created a new generation that is influenced by the company either directly or indirectly. It is fair enough to call them the “Google generation.”


Newly-coined words derived from the company’s name have significant meaning in that they are invented and used by users.


Google’s services are often used as artistic tools. B speaks to the artists behind some of those artworks to find out more about their meaning and creation.


B looks around the Google campus to catch a glimpse of the company’s famously creative work environment. The atmosphere there is cerebral, and not unlike a university campus. The Googlers are engrossed in making the best Internet services in the world.


Google started out of a small garage as a search engine developed by two Stanford graduates, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google moved to Silicon Valley in 1999 and has progressed dramatically over the last 15 years, offering a diverse range of user-oriented services and reshaping the landscape of the IT ecosystem.

Interviews / Quotes from the Founders / The Google Family / From Noogler to Googler


Google exists everywhere; in many of the things we see and touch every day. In ways both big and small, the company pervades our lives.


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