MANO PLUS | Ron Santisima Trinidad de Cuba 7 Years

Ron Santisima Trinidad de Cuba 7 Years 40.3% 700ml

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  • Bottled in Cuba
  • Santisima Trinidad is the town in Cuba where the rum is made.
  • The distiller was founded in 1944.
  • Santísima Trinidad de Cuba is an exception: it is extremely complicated to launch a Cuban rum on the market with the consent of the Cuban government and the essential participation of the master rum makers.
  • Santisima Trinidad fulfils and exceeds the requirements of the Cuban rum designation of origin.
  • The result of 2 stages of ageing. First the liquors are laid down in barrels for at least 2 years and then these are used in the base rum formulas, which are then aged again for a longer time, to be used in different proportions depending on their age in the formula for the end product.
  • Alcohol content: 40.3%

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