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Kaze Glass Wind Chimes

Kaze Glass Wind Chimes

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Traditional Japanese symbol of summer: Gorgeous glass wind chimes Furin with beautiful wording.

One of the symbols of summer in Japan is the Furin (風 鈴), wind chimes made of glass, ceramics or metal. The refreshing sound of these bells helps people escape (or at least make them feel like it) the hot and humid Japanese summer. Originally imported from China, these pleasant sound making bells have been a standard feature of summer since the Muromachi period. (1333- 1568).

This lovely Japanese wind chimes is made of glass and Furin produces nice and refreshing tinkle sound. Absolutely lovely item – great idea for a gift!

 Please note: Details and colours of the images might be slightly different from the actual product. As it is hand made, small imperfections are common in the work in this quality range. 

  • Dimensions :  Body : Φ8cmXH7cm / Tags :  W3XH10cm
  • Material (Finish) : Crystal clear glass
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