Ty Nant Sparkling Mineral Water (Crimson Red) 330ml

Ty Nant Sparkling Mineral Water (Crimson Red) 330ml

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Star Cap
One in every 10 bottles features a special "stars" cap. Have you been lucky enough to spot one?
Crimson Red
A specially commissioned Crimson Red glass bottle which can be recycled.
A unique bottle
All our products are trade mark designs owned by Tŷ Nant.

Ty Nant still is light and very low in minerals, whilst its sparkling counterpart has very loud bubbles and should be paired with a food with a substantial mouthfeel.

Ty Nant is bottled at source in the Welsh Cambrian Mountains, an area of mudstone, siltstone and sandstone that is protected and organically managed.

Composition in mg/litre

  • pH (at source) 6.8
  • Total Dissolved Solids 165
  • Calcium 22.5
  • Magnesium 11.5
  • Sodium 22
  • Potassium 1
  • Bicarbonates 116
  • Sulphates 3.7
  • Chlorides 14
  • Nitrates <0.1
  • Silica –



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