MR. KANSO Canned: Takoyaki
MR. KANSO Canned: Takoyaki

MR. KANSO Canned: Takoyaki

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Canned Takoyaki

mr.kanso 独家章鱼烧 / たこ焼き

The world's first canned takoyaki! !!

The world's first canned takoyaki,
"Takoyaki Canned", originally developed by the canned bar "mr.kanso", has a special sauce and a powdery taste, so you can easily enjoy Osaka's soul food at any time.

Product features

This is the world's first canned takoyaki that was originally developed by the canning bar "mr.kanso" that is available nationwide.
mr.kanso (canned bar) originated in Osaka and wanted to make Osaka's famous takoyaki with canned food, so this product was made.
It has a soft texture and a sweet and spicy sauce, so it can be eaten widely from small children to the elderly.
It also has a best-by date of 3 years, so it is recommended as a preserved food that you can eat deliciously.

Taste characteristics

The taste and aroma of authentic takoyaki sauce have been reproduced.
The original sauce is not thicker than the actual sauce, so you can enjoy it with takoyaki.
(For example, it's similar to ankake sauce.)
* Because it is canned, it has a soft texture unlike the actual takoyaki.

Description of item

Product name

Canned takoyaki

Internal capacity

190g (4 pieces of takoyaki)

Sell ​​by

3 years from manufacture

Country of origin


Raw material name

Wheat flour, cabbage, octopus, sugar, grape sugar fructose liquid sugar, apple vinegar, salt, vegetable oil, soy sauce (main brew), tomato ketchup, whole egg, concentrated apple juice, protein hydrolyzate, mango chutney, powdered candy, yeast Extract, tempura, oyster extract, onion extract, fermented seasoning, bonito extract, red ginger, kelp extract, spice, shiitake mushroom extract, thickener (processed starch, xanthan gum), seasoning (amino acids, etc.), caramel pigment, acidulant , Chutney pigment, calcined shell calcium, (including chicken as part of the raw material)

Preservation method

After opening, transfer to another container, put in the refrigerator, and consume as soon as possible.

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