MR. KANSO Canned: Cava Mackerel Lemon Basil Sauce

MR. KANSO Canned: Cava Mackerel Lemon Basil Sauce

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Canned Cava Mackerel Lemon Basil Sauce


Lifestyle changes brought about by canned Cava

Product Features

Canned "Ca va?" Series sold in September 2013.
The second lemon basil flavor has a strong basil flavor and is an irresistible dish for basil lovers.
The stylish packaging and naming make it seem like an overseas product, but it is actually made in Iwate prefecture in Japan.
It is attracting attention for its novelty that has never been seen in mackerel cans and its coloring that catches the eye of people.

Commitment to development

Designed on a can, "Ca va?" Means "How are you?" In French.
It is a cute design using romaji with mackerel (mackerel) and mackerel (Ca va?).
This canned mackerel was born from the concept of canned mackerel that even women can eat without any resistance.

Taste characteristics

The scent of basil spreads when you give canned food.
The seasoning of mackerel and lemon basil, which are cut into large pieces, changes the image from Japanese to Western, and has a fresh taste. It is a thin and easy-to-eat canned food that is popular with women.

Description of item

Product name

Cava can lemon basil flavor

Solid amount


Total amount of contents


Sell ​​by

3 years from manufacture

Country of origin


Raw material name

Mackerel, reduced starch syrup, olive oil, basil, salt, spices, lemon concentrated juice / spice extract, thickener (guar gum)

Preservation method

Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. After opening, transfer to another container, put in the refrigerator, and consume as soon as possible.

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