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Handvaerk Issue 02

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The HÅNDVÆRK bookazine invites you to meet a wide range of talented, dedicated craftspeople, artisans, makers and communicators. In this new issue, Rigetta Klint has spoken to weavers, hatters and knitwear, fashion and textile designers.

Thus, this issue of the bookazine offers insight into many types of fibres and knowledge about a wide variety of textile crafts. You are invited in at Århus Possementfabrik, which produces flag halyard for Wegner’s Flag Halyard Chair. The company also collaborates with Kasper Thorup, whose chair won the title as Denmark’s next furniture classic in a Danish TV show in 2019. You also encounter the fascinating world of the textile artist Vibeke Rohland and take part in an indigo workshop with the Japanese production collective BUAISOU. You can meet Lærke Lillelund, a textile designer who uses eelgrass as furniture stuffing at A. Petersen in Copenhagen, and enjoy the luxury of a Hästens bed, where padding and upholstery also play an important role.

The HÅNDVÆRK bookazine no. 2 visits the small luxury boutique hotel The Monica on the Danish island of Ærø, which is owned and run by the former model Monica Conradsen. In Brussels, you can meet another former model, now diplomat, Synne Espensen, who has agreed to model a fashion series with equal parts pre-loved and new. The bookazine reflects that life-long learning is a necessity – and a gift – when it comes to craftsmanship. Former generations have a great store of experience, knowledge and learning that must be maintained and passed on to future generations. In the bookazine you can see this in action at the Skals folk high school for design and textile crafts, where the students learn the old crafts in depth and expand their knowledge of techniques and materials.

Another key feature of the HÅNDVÆRK bookazine is photo series of textiles in a wide range of different settings and an index listing all the companies that are represented in the bookazine.

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