GOODPAIR SOCKS Weirdtoo Battlefield socks odd colour patterned socks
GOODPAIR SOCKS Weirdtoo Battlefield socks odd colour patterned socks

GOODPAIR SOCKS Weirdtoo Battlefield socks odd colour patterned socks

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Goodpairsocks proudly presents to you with our most inexpensive yet quality collection. Socks that are fitting for you that pay attention to the little details, the juxtaposition of your attire, the harmony of colors between your threads; meeting your casual and daily styling needs, enriching your personal outfit with the details that matter.

No matter what mood captures you today, or what style you’re inspired to walk out your room with, this collection has something for everyone. Regardless of age, gender, or personality, Goodday is versatile to your daily styling. A pair of socks that’s so cozy to wear all day long, and a companion to your day, tagging along while you do what you love the most.


Product Information

Brand: Goodpair Socks x ana tomy
Series: Good Kawan Project
Collection: It’s weird not to be weird
Model: WeirdToo/ 3 layers madness
Colorways: Autumn Breeze/ Battlefield/ Olives/ Wintersweet
Materials: Micro Polyester 75%, Cotton 5%, Spandex 20%

Origin: Designed & Made in Malaysia Suitable for all genders



Socks Size: One Size
Socks Height: 200mm

Product Description(For WeirdToo)

Product Title Goodpair Socks x ana tomy: WeirdToo/ 3 layers madness
Because one and two are too normal. Made for individualist, free spirit, wild adventurer, or understated stylist.

“It’s weird not to be weird” is a collaborative socks collection created by Goodpair Socks & ana tomy, come in two designs, WeirdOne & WeirdToo, both come in multiple colorways to outshine your weirdness!

Product Features (WeirdToo)

Layer by Layer by Layer Ever wonder how could your socks looks different from other? this could be the answer. What could be more outstanding by rocking a cute 3 layers socks to level up your socks game.

Seamless Toe Closure With its comfy toe seam construction, you won’t feel the seams in our socks. Say bye to the irritation and say hi to a pair of socks treat your foots right!

Cushion Padding Let’s the socks takes the impact. Cushion Tab helps reduce impact while you walking.

Great Moisture Wicking Living in Malaysia; A tropical country with a classic equatorial climate- high temperatures and wet months throughout the year, trust us when we say our socks have great ventilation, tried and tested!

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