Galvanina Organic Limonata 355ml (Sparkling Lemonade)

Galvanina Organic Limonata 355ml (Sparkling Lemonade)

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A great classic

From the best organic lemons grown in Sicily comes Galvanina Sparkling Lemon, famed for is extremely intense flavor. 

This intensity recalls the island’s fragrances and its warm sunlight and is further enhanced by the pulp of citrus fruits, a taste sensation released at every sip that adds body and consistency to this soft drink.

Thirst-quenching by definition, Galvanina Sparkling Lemon also plays a key role as an aperitif and as an ingredient in numerous cocktails and mocktails.

Visual impact: fresh and unmistakable.

Olfactory impact: initial freshness, with an intense aftertaste. 

Mixability: ideal for mixing with clear spirits, aperitifs and liqueurs. Perfect mixer for traditional aperitifs and long drinks.


  • 2011 Tokyo Good Design Award
  • 2014 UK Quality Food Award
  • 2016 USA Fancy Food Sofi Award
  • 2017 USA Fancy Food Sofi Award
  • 2018 France Saveur de l’Année
  • 2019 UK Bellavita

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