Frankie Magazine Issue 98
Frankie Magazine Issue 98
Frankie Magazine Issue 98
Frankie Magazine Issue 98
Frankie Magazine Issue 98

Frankie Magazine Issue 98

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Time to do a happy jig, pals – a brand-spanking new issue of frankie is out on shelves today.

Need some good news to kick off your day? How about this: issue 98 is officially on sale! It’s winging its way around, with lots of wonderful stuff tucked away inside. Some examples: a lady who’s started a doomsday collection of bread tags. A book club devoted to First Nations stories. Some old-fashioned insults that are due for a comeback (you slugabed!). A cosy home built inside a former yellow school bus. There are also puzzles to keep your mind chugging along, facts about some of our favorite native birds, and a few nifty – and natural – ways to make your house smell nice. We talk boobs in all their droopy, sensitive, meal-making glory, meet a Wellington drag king with an important message, and consider the life lessons that come from learning to ride a motorbike. Oh, and just a little thing: you’ll finally meet the winners of the 2020 Good Stuff awards! They’re a mighty fine bunch, if we do say so ourselves, and we can’t wait for you to get to know them.

A bona fide rock icon shares some valuable wisdom (and hair tips).

Find out more about the squawky fellows you’ve spotted around your neighborhood.

Our 2020 Good Stuff award winners are rather excited to say hello.

Four writers discuss breasts – big, small, complicated and milk-filled.

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