Flow Magazine Issue 31

Flow Magazine Issue 31

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In Flow Magazine Issue 31:

  • I am because you are: Ubuntu is all about the concept of community and oneness. Journalist Catelijne Elzes finds out more about this African belief in a universal bond. 
  • No filter: One look on Instagram and you'd be forgiven for thinking that everyone has the perfect body, or experiences a perfect day every day. But what if we were to show what really goes on in life? Journalist Renate van der Zee explores the ways people are trying to be more honest on social media. 
  • Small wonders: Journalist Chris Muyres explains why small, obscure museums can be better than their larger counterparts. 
  • A slow month: Fed up with her irritability and impatience, journalist Bernice Nikijuluw decides to devote a month to slowing down. 

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