Design Anthology - Issue 01 (Australia Edition)

Design Anthology - Issue 01 (Australia Edition)

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Australia Edition, Issue 1

The Inaugural Issue

The first ever issue of Design Anthology Australia is a carefully-curated journal of stories, places and spaces from Australia, New Zealand and beyond with a distinct focus on the personal, the emerging and the hand-made


Home. It’s a familiar yet abstract concept; on an elementary level the word conjures notions of comfort and security, and on a more philosophical level, ideas of nationality and culture. It can mean something different to each of us, and be just as complicated to articulate. I’ve spent more than a third of my life outside of Australia, my birthplace, and while I’ve gathered friends and accumulated other ‘homes’ around the world (figuratively, that is, and I’m penning this from Copenhagen, one such place), I will likely always — as Peter Allen said best — still call Australia home.

This issue of Design Anthology is very dear to me. It’s comforting to know that in the short time since we launched the original edition in Hong Kong, we’ve earned a supportive following in Australia. I’ve always been a dedicated reader of design magazines, and Australia produces some of the best. That means we have our work cut out for us, but despite the challenges ahead, we still believe there’s room for something else — a design magazine of high quality that showcases a beautifully curated selection of stories from across both Australia and New Zealand, and provokes thought and dialogue around good design. On behalf of my team, I sincerely hope you enjoy the first of what is hopefully many to come, and that you’re as excited about the future of design in Australasia as we are.


A curated round-up of our favourite new books, fashion, lifestyle and home products from Australia and New Zealand

Studio Profile
Meet bar Studio, the Melbourne-based design team handcrafting immersive hotel experiences across Asia-Pacific

Design Studio, Auckland
Resident takes a global perspective on furniture design, working with a roster of international designers to produce pieces that emphasise quality and timelessness

Creative Space
Under new creative leadership, Adelaide’s JamFactory continues its remit to support and grow the city’s designer-maker culture

Designers, Sydney
Sydney Design Week 2020 curator Stephen Todd makes a case for the city’s formidable design scene, where resident creatives are in demand both on home soil and internationally

We survey the rising makerspaces in Australia: the people behind them, those making use of them, and the collaborations and communities they facilitate


Hotel, Kyoto
The recently opened Aman Kyoto was designed by Kerry Hill Architects as a series of beautifully minimal pavilions set within the forested landscape

Hotel, Copenhagen
More than just Copenhagen’s newest boutique hotel, The Audo is a celebration of community, creativity and offline connections


Subsidised Spaces
These privately funded studios give emerging and established artists a space to create, and soften the practical barriers faced by many in the creative fields


Interior designer Hamish Guthrie recreated his Victorian terrace home to reflect his family and how they live

This Paddington terrace house was renovated to become a contemporary family home that honours the building’s past

Mornington Peninsula
This coastal home was designed to reflect and harmonise with its laid-back environment

The ocean, the land and art are at the heart of this expansive home, which has been designed around all three

This elegant Mosman home was designed to reflect and maximise the Sydney Harbour landscape


Urban Architecture
Kengo Kuma and Associates’ recently unveiled Darling Exchange is a hive-like structure with community and urban culture at its core

The Flâneur

Remembering the Icons
A flâneur is an urban explorer — a connoisseur of the street. In our rotating column, guests share their musings, observations and critiques of the urban environment in cities around the world. In this issue, comedian, media personality and design enthusiast Tim Ross muses on Canberra’s iconic modernist architecture

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