MR. KANSO Canned: K&K Bacon in Honey Mustard
MR. KANSO Canned: K&K Bacon in Honey Mustard

MR. KANSO Canned: K&K Bacon in Honey Mustard

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Canned K&K Bacon in Honey Mustard

K&K 培根蜂蜜芥末 / 缶つま 厚切りベーコンハニー

Thick-sliced ​​bacon that is delicious and unstoppable

The "Canned" series is a canned snack that can be used as it is.
When you open the can, you can feel the unique sweet and spicy scent in your nose.

What is the taste?

Bacon cut into dice is finished with honey and mustard, and the rich sweetness is accented by the acidity of mustard, which makes it delicious.
Thick-sliced ​​bacon spreads the flavor of the meat in your mouth the more you chew it, and it goes well with the sweet and thick mustard sauce.

What is the texture?

The texture is soft bacon, the fat of Toro Toro melts in the mouth, and the mustard grains accentuate the texture.
When warmed, the fat melts and you can enjoy a different taste.

Description of item

Product name

Honey mustard flavor of K & K thick-sliced ​​bacon

Solid amount


Total amount of contents


Sell ​​by

3 years from manufacture

Country of origin


Raw material name

Bacon (pork rose meat, sugar (water candy, sugar), salt, etc.), honey, mustard, onion extract, salt, seasoning (amino acid), phosphate (Na), thickening polysaccharide, fragrance, coloring agent (cochinil) , Turmeric), acidulants, colorants (Na nitrite), (including eggs, milk, soybeans, and apples as part of the raw materials)

Preservation method

Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. After opening, transfer to another container, put in the refrigerator, and consume as soon as possible.

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